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Ding Shaoguang Mother and Son Oil Painting
  Beijing Dongfang Shide Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Was founded on October 24, 2002, the registered capital is 10,000,000 RMB, the scope of business including organize culture and art communication activities (not including performance); Television pla

Qiao Dongfang’s success is not coincident. He has ever pursuit a hidden treasury man for 10 years, just for a collection. At last the hidden treasury man has been moved, the treasure has been collected by him. For the several auction recently, he has brewed for four years. In order to redeem the cultural heritage of China, he travelled all over the world. Majority of his auction goods is from overseas. Many overseas collectors are his faithful customers and good friends. In order to implement buyer and seller’s win and win strategy, he ignored the cost and showed 3 times of paying a man-power. At the humanization and details he truly achieve, for example, he send the cataloge free of charge which other company sold each 200 RMB, on which he will lose tens of 10000 RMB. In order to prevent the false goods that the customer got, he stipulated that return goods and payment can be done within one week, if customers are quite doubtful which are responsible to the consumers.