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In order to jointly meet the upcoming art consumption in the post-epidemic era, the 2023 Beijing Art Expo is scheduled to hold its 23rd grand event at the Beijing Exhibition Hall from September 7 to 10. With the theme of "Art Leading the Future", this Art Expo will set up a special theme exhibition area such as contemporary international gallery exhibition area, celebrity recommendation exhibition area, classic art exhibition area, trendy art, digital art and contemporary art design exhibition area. It will join hands with more than 100 galleries and art institutions at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition. It will provide art collectors and viewers with a unique experience of modern and contemporary art, and will provide more exquisite Featured art discovery and exploration platform to create a more prosperous and brilliant art market.

Beijing Art Expo has become the most comprehensive, largest and leading art event in China. It has built the most extensive and efficient communication platform and information platform between galleries, art institutions and collectors; It has become the first brand art exhibition with the longest history, the highest specification, the most popular and the strongest influence in Beijing.

We bid farewell to the COVID-19 era of the past three years and ushered in the year 2023 full of hope and challenges. Only by regaining confidence and working hard can we regain the lost time. Here we sincerely invite Chinese and foreign galleries and art institutions to participate in the 23rd grand meeting of the Beijing Art Expo, and meet with Beijing in the golden autumn to jointly stimulate the vitality of the city's culture!



Date and Venue

Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center

Address: No. 135, Street Xi Zhimen Wai, Xicheng District, Beijing

Date: September 7-10, 2023

Total Exhibition Areas: 10,000㎡


Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Management Center


Foundation of the Beijing International Art Exposition

Beijing Cultural Creation Painting Academy


Beijing Yibo Chang’e International Exhibition & Convention Centre



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