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On-site tickets: RMB 50/ one
(Children under 1.2 are free to get in; disable people with relevant documents are free to get in; students, military officers, the elders could buy half price tickets with certificates)
People who failed to apply guest vouchers please buy tickets from the ticket office. Tickets are available on that day. Sponsors are not responsible for fake tickets and invalidated tickets which are not purchased through ticket office. Once discovered visitor who gets in exhibition hall through irregularly, sponsor has the right to require its exit. All personnel entering the pavilion must go through the security channel check. Flammable, explosive and other dangerous items are prohibited into the pavilion. No luggage and outsourcing catering food are permitted to bring in. Without the exhibitor’s permission, the art works should not be photographed. No smoking in the pavilion.
Click here to apply free guest vouchers.  (The limited number given away while stock lasts)