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Date and Venue

Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center

Address: No. 135, Street Xi Zhimen Wai, Xicheng District, Beijing

Date: September 7-10, 2023

Total Exhibition Areas: 10,000㎡


Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Management Center


Foundation of the Beijing International Art Exposition

Beijing Cultural Creation Painting Academy


Beijing Yibo Chang’e International Exhibition & Convention Centre



Rolls Wu

Mobile: +8618801179108


Add: 1301, Building 4, No.15 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang Destrict, Beijing, China

Post Code: 100026


Exhibition Object and Scope

1. Target Exhibitors: Gallery, Painting Academy, Fine Art Institute, Cultural and Cultural Relic Company, Artworks Auction Agency, Art Association and Art Studio.

2. Art Scope: Chinese Paintings, Oil Paintings, Water Color Paintings, Mural Paintings, Lacquer Paintings, Print Paintings, Sculptures, Installation, Art Packing, Multimedia etc.. 

Important Application Date




Before 25th of May 2023


Exhibitors can get 10% discount if total booth fee is paid by 25th of May.


Exhibitors can get 20% discount for 72m2 booth if total booth fee is paid by 25th of March.   

Before 15th of May, 2023

Privilege for Art Expo Beijing Winner

Exhibitors who are the winner of Art Expo Beijing, will enjoy 10% discount (Note: Application form and total booth fee need to be handled and be paid before 15th of May)

Before 15th of July, 2023

Application Deadline

Booth is arranged according to category of artworks, preference and payment date of exhibitors.

Conformation of Booth Design form

Submit booth construction drawings and additional exhibition application form

Registration of staff and artworks

Submit the Information of Participating staff form for making work pass. And submit the Exhibiting Artworks Registration Form (No more than 12 artworks each 18m2)

Before 30th of July, 2023


Submit Catalogue Registration Form and high resolution pictures and reversal picture.

Before 15th of Aug, 2023

Other requirement

Submit the Hotel Reservation form if you need. Please inform committee if needed

 Price of Booth

9m2 Booth


18 m2 Booth

6400USD  (273USD/ m2)

36 m2 Booth

12800USD    (273USD/ m2)

54 m2 Booth

19200USD   (273USD/ m2)

All the booths which locate in the corner will be charged another 10% booth fee.

 Exhibition Facilities

18m2 (3m X 6m) Booth includes:


Lintel board (Booth number, name of exhibitors in both Chinese and English), full carpet, 1 table and 2 folding chairs, 2 employee cards, 6 spotlights (150 W), 1 catalogue, including 1 free catalogue page with 1-2 pictures published. 12 pieces of white wood board(3.6m high×1m wide×5cm thick. each)


36m2 (6m X 6m) Booth includes:

Lintel board (Booth number, name of exhibitors in both Chinese and English), full carpet, 2 table and 4 folding chairs, 4 employee cards, 9 spotlights (150 W per light), 1 catalogue, including 2 free catalogue pages with 2-4 pictures published. 18 pieces of white wood board(3.6m high×1m wide×5cm thick. each)

54m2 (6m X 9m) Booth includes:

Lintel board (Booth number, name of exhibitors in both Chinese and English), full carpet, 3 table and 6 folding chairs, 7 employee cards, 15 spotlights (150 W per light), 4 catalogues, including 4 free catalogue pages with no more than 8 pictures published. 21 pieces of white wood board(3.6m high×1m wide×5cm thick. each)

Notice: If the exhibitors need to add or modify the booth facilities, they must get the consent of the Committee and download “Booth Design Form” and “Additional Facilities Order Form” from the internet of the art exposition, at the same time pay off the cost. When the installation starts, board and spotlight cannot be added.

Receiver’s Name:Beijing Yibo Chang'e International Convention and Exhibition Center

Receiver’s Bank:Jintai Road Sub-branch, Beijing, ICBC

ACC  No:0200020219200109625

Payment of Booth Fee

1. All exhibitors should pay total exhibition fee before July 15, 2023

2.After the booths reserved, the Committee will email or post the “Booth reservation Confirmation” document to the exhibitors. The exhibitors should pay off the total booth fee in the due time to the following account of Beijing Art Exposition.

Receiver’s Name:Beijing Yibo Chang'e International Convention and Exhibition Center

Receiver’s Bank:Jintai Road Sub-branch, Beijing, ICBC

ACC  No:0200020219200109625


All payments are subject to the cheque or bank payment order. If full fee not be paid until the due date after exhibitor received the conformation letter, Committee has rights to suspend exhibition agreement and arrange the booth to other exhibitors. The exhibitor will lose chance to display if exhibitor cannot install booth on time. Committee has rights to suspend agreement and fee won’t be returned.


1. Application: All applier needs to download and fill the Application Form of Exhibition. The form is valid only with Director’s signature.

2. Examination of Exhibited Artworks: All application will be examined by the Committee of Beijing Art Exposition (COBAE). COBAE is the organization to censor application so has sufficient and independent power to make decision about applications. All applier need to make sure that the accuracy and authenticity of all information submitted. All exhibited artworks must suit for China’s national condition and respect aesthetic habits of Chinese nation.

3. Conformation: COBAE will send Letter of Exhibition Conformation via Email, Fax or Post.

4. Arrangement: Booth is arranged according to category of artworks, preference and payment date of exhibitors. COBAE has the final rights to make decision about booth

5. Notice: Exhibitor is not allowed to lease booth to others without permission of COBAE. COBAE has right to decline exhibition qualification if exhibitor displays artworks which not consistent with application forms during exhibition period and the booth fee will not be refunded. For every 18m2 booth, the maximum exhibit artworks are 12 pieces.

COBAE has right to ask applier to provide detailed information of any exhibited artworks and has rights to prohibit any artwork that is not suitable for exhibition.

 Booth Design

Exhibitors need to add or change booth facilities if they are in the standard configuration, subject to the Organizing Committee's consent and the Booth Construction Layout and Extra Exhibition Application Form downloaded from the official website of the Fair, together with the required fees. After the start of the exhibition, not to increase the panels and spotlights


1. The committee will publish a colored catalogue (the size is 210mm × 285mm) to show i of exhibitors’ information and image of artworks.

2. Each 18 squares booth will be given 1 free page of the catalogue which will consist of exhibitors’ information and 1-2 images. Extra catalogue pages cost USD 130 per page. Exhibitors should provide high resolution (300dpi or above) images (JPG/TIF) with size of 16.5cm-23cm. Please indicate name of artist, title, size, materials and year of artworks. Exhibitors can provide the design of your pages on the catalogue in PDF Format.

3. Exhibitors should provide catalogue information by filling in the Catalogue Registration Form and images, and email to the Committee before June 30, 2023.

4. Any material not received by the due date will be will be handled by automatic abstained.

Committee will take no responsibility for any loss of missing publishing of catalogue page.


Customs Recordation: According to national regulations, all exhibited artworks from outside of China (including HK, Taiwan and Macau) needs to be recorded and censored by Ministry of Culture. Therefore, all exhibitors need to provide full information of exhibited artworks (including name, size, material and yeas of each artworks and artist’s name) and pictures of artworks to Committee of Beijing Art Exposition (COBAE) in order to get exhibition approval. The artworks which are eventually exhibited cannot be change or added but can be less than the number of artworks recorded. If any problem occurred in customs clearance and recordation that is caused by missing information or providing wrong details by the exhibitor, exhibitor needs to take all risk and Committee only provide help for communication. All Transportation Fee needs to be paid by exhibitors. Anything about transport, Customer Recordation, Return of cargo and transport fee, Please contact the department of transport of Beijing Art Exhibition:

Contacts: Fu Qiaohong    

Tel: 010-52295766/85718825    Email:


Exhibition Days to Dismantling Day There are 24-hour professional security guards in the exhibition and exhibition area. Exhibitors shall be responsible for the safety of the exhibits during the exhibition, exhibition, and exhibition and dismantling. After the closing, they shall be supervised by professional security personnel designated by the Executive Committee.

 For the sake of safety, any item can not be removed from the exhibition venue during the exhibition or exhibition, unless it has an exit certificate issued by the Executive Committee. Exhibitors may bring additional artwork to the storage area during the development period, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

 All exhibitors must abide by the pavilion rules regarding fire, safety and security. Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organizer against all or any part of the loss or damage inflicted on the organizer by reason of its own negligence or breach of these rules or its failure to comply with the fire, safety and public security regulations of the Venue.