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Foundation of the Beijing International Art Exposition



This foundation is sponsored by related cultural institutions which is associated with news media in Beijing; is approved and registered by Civil Administration Department and is an organization that is non-profit, non-public corporations.

This foundation devotes to improve and facilitate the innovation and development of contemporary art; to exhaustively exert the function of raising and supporting by giving great impetus to development of cultural creative industries in Beijing; to promote benign advance of modern arts; to contribute a bridge and link between modern art and international art institutions; to enhance the communication and cooperation with foreign countries; to expand the influence of contemporary arts by gathering art resources around world. The Foundation of Beijing International Art Exposition strives to become a well-known art foundation with international influence to requite all artists who are socially stranded as well as art workers who are dedicate to art research and professional creation. This foundation will continually facilitate the development of cultural art institutions and related trans-boundary industries, to create value by developing culture, to change life by enjoying art!