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Wei Jun When Light of Spring blomming 70x55cm,2015
  Wei Jun, named Tie Di Chui Hua, Mr. Lin Fan’s student. He was born in Yiyang City, Hunan Province in 1973. When he was young, he liked painting very much. He graduated from Master Class of Chinese Painting of Tianjin Fine Arts Institutes and Guo Yizong’s

Wei Jun, President of Chinese Modern Chinese Painting Institute, Distinguished Professor of Ren Min University of China Art Academies, Supervisor of Weijun Claborate-style Research Studio, Director of Claborate-style of Art Committee of Ren Min University of China Art Academies, Member of Chinese Artists Association, Director of Chinese Claborate-style Painting Association, Director of Chinese Art Institute of Tropical Rainforest, Committee Member of Art Committee of
Chinese Painting (Claborate-style) of Hunan Province Artists Association, Visiting Professor of Arts College of Hubei Normal College.

His artworks has been 10 times choose to attend the whole country’s exhibition and also won the prize, hundreds of artworks have been exhibited, published, won the prize, and also been collected by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Central Military Committee, Hong Kong Government, the multinational’s Embassy, units, art institutions and personal collections. Until now, he has held personal art show for 8 times, personal picture album has been published for ten kinds by Beijing Arts and Crafts Publishing House, Tianjin Yangliuqing Painting Society, Shandong Arts Publishing House, Jiangxi Arts Publishing House.

Wei Jun’s flower and bird painting beautified the people’s shape in Song Dynasty, learned and refined in Yuan Dynasty, open-minded in Ming Dynasty, Mo-Gu skills in Qing Dynasty, traditional essence into a furnace, established a characteristic style and features of modeling strong and beautiful, color bright and stable, far and deep artistic conception. Expression features are free hand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, appears ink, sees fantasy, brushwork, don’t fall routines of “Kraft”, “Wild”, “Common” and “Strange”. Wei Jun has his own aesthetic perspective as the aspect of blank image processing, this is his key link of driving great landscape flower and bird. Wei Jun is familiar with heaven and earth rotating, Black and white mirroring which is the key-point of building Wei’s flower and bird painting’s high-class state.