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Bao Dai First Meeting Sun Dali,289cmx153cm, Oil on Linen Canvas 2013
  Sun Dali, graduated from Industrial modeling Dep. of Shenyang Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, and started oil painting in 1999, the creation orientation is to aiming at East and West fusion and breakthrough of painting language, making the east oil painting o

The painter heavily influenced by impressionism, Nabis and Symbolism. In July 2010, the painter came to ParisArtistsCenter as artist of short term communication. When came back, holding individual artwork report exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of Shenyang Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. Sun Dali’s oil painting style advocates image expression, using strong line to take stead of light, form unique east symbolism style.


A Dream in Red Mansions series is the painter to use east symbolism method to proceed a strong artwork. The expressing style is east ideal plus west method which is a result of east and west fusion. And painting circle people and collectors called which is east symbolism.