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Zhou Hongxing Jinghu wetland fisherman's song Natural Marble Painting
  “Zhou Hongxing Natural Marble Jewellery Gallery" is an art gallery of naturalness and cultural and characteristics combined. Natural marble painting is real quintessence. As early as Ming and Qing Dynasty, the natural marble painting as tribute entered i

The reserve display of “Zhou Hongxing Natural Marble Jewellery Gallery" has been divided into 4 parts, there are 800 items on display. The first part: beautiful mountain and river; The second part: people in the world; The third part: the world of animals, human friend; The fourth part: The hills, panoramic view. The four parts accords to the nature run order, divided into 20 chapters such as “The Sun with Splendor article”, “Bright Moon Meditation article”, “Green Hill article”, “Autumn Hill article”, “Huangshan Sea Clouds article”, “Dragon Across Sea article”, “Lion and tiger to reign article”, A Proud Eagle Flying article”, “Sons and Daughters of Hehai”. The universe mystery, fabricate creation, moving heaven and earth, beautiful world, unique and valuable. Feng Qiyong called, “a rare spectacle, heaven and earth are dense, the treasury of the universe, it is difficult to get, even you can see which is bestow of creators.” So, many scholars believed the group of natural marble painting collected by Mr.Zhou Hongxing can be on a par with the great artworks of created by human being.