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Zhou Min, Plum, Bamboo,Double Finch Figure 35×35 2014年
  Zhou Chuanyu, named Bingqiu,Jin Shizhai Master,Mr.Chen Peiqiu,Master of painting and calligraphy's student,Deputy Secretary General of
Xie Zhiliu, Chen Peiqiu Artists Studies,Director of Chen Shaomei Artists Institute, Painter of Shanghai art academy,

Zhou Chuanyu,his style of Landscape Painting is directly connected with Song and Yuan Dynasty,delicate quaint,pen and ink energetic,magnificently conceived,now he is the member of Chinese Calligraphy Culture Promotion Association,Director of China council for the promotion of painting and calligraphy art. His artwork has been selected in "Dictionary of Contemporary Painting and Calligraphy Seal Cutting", "Famous Masterpieces of Chinese Fine Arts Exhibition"
"To Celebrate the 55th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China Contemporary Art Exhibition", "The Scroll Painting and Calligraphy Seal Cutting Canon, Shanghai",exhibition and art book.
His artworks have been collected by overseas collectors and galleies.