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Full Autumn in Cloudy Mountain 66X138cm
  Wang Zhenmei, when he was young, he was learning after modern Chinese Painting master Fu Baoshi and Li Xiongcai, graduated from Italian Boluoniya Art Institute, famous travelling Europe poet and painter, national fist class artist, member of Chinese Paint
Wang Zhenmei devotes himself to Chinese painting, and he does profound study and practice to Chinese poem. He won the art golden prize of “Boluoniya Mountain” in Italian Boluoniya Art Museum, his artwork of “Ou Jiangchao”, “Yandang Mountain” and 20 artworks and 200 small articles which have been collected by the State Museums and private art agencies and overseas Chinese associations of French, German and Italy. Reading book, travelling, Wan Zhenmei travelled in Europe for many years, he got the western-style art essence, and went on the renovation road of Chinese painting with learned color and painting technique, plus his unique poet temperament and feelings, his artworks appeared using pen subtle, using ink maturely, water and ink blending, grand and poetic illusion. This kind of full-bodied pen and ink sprite is a rare painting technique and visual effect. When he returned to China, he visited beautiful rivers and mountains of his homeland, using rich historical knowledge and vivid modern language to new interpret history, eulogizing nature and has written embodied new poems and travel notes. Now there are 8 collections of poems, such as “Hundred mountains Outstanding” and “Hundred rivers Pouring”. In the 17th Hangzhou West Lake Art Exposition”, Wang Zhenmei exhibited 20 artworks and small articles, receiving good evaluation and praise highly by people from all works of life with grand painting and delicate natural art style, which have been believed the most popular work.

In 2015 of 18 Beijing Art Exposition, Wang Zhenmei will exhibit Memory of the South, Yandang Mountain Range Figure, Figure of Living in Summer, Jiangnan Snow and huge artworks.