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Vlin Art gallery is a contemporary art to promote the mission, to promote the best art planning concept, with high taste, professional gallery location, to innovation, integrity and pragmatic outstanding galleries character. The flag of the artists Bai Yuping, Ren Chuanwen, Zhao Kaikun, Zhu Xinzhan, Liu Xi, Liu Nian, Lin Moyou, Zhang Yongping, He Da, Zhang timely, Wang Delong, Luo Huajiang, Zhao Jinhe, Wei Lin gallery based on the "classic" and "creation", "pluralism" and "open" value orientation, is committed to the artist, critics, collectors and art lovers to provide a good platform for the exchange, in order to build a solid bridge approaching the public art. In a display of well-known artists at the same time, also actively explore the artistic talent and potential of the young artists, and to promote, provide a good environment for the art development, advocate the new collection culture.