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北京新华艺粹文化艺术交流中心,是一家致力于经营系统整合服务及文化传媒行业等相关业务的综合性传播机构。本次展出的主要是艺术家杨兴雅的作品,杨兴雅,1946年生于辽宁丹东,旅日中国艺术家,是中国油画新传承主义的创导者。他的油画作品独具特色,内含丰富,他利用了西方的油画材料,并用中国国画的绘画方式,经过多年的探索及反复实践,确立了独树一帜、中西合璧的中国式油画绘画理念。此外,他还是一位具有国际视野的艺术家,他与法国、德国、日本等国家艺术机构长期合作,作品被国内外很多收藏家收藏,其中作品《夏》更是被日本皇后看中并视为珍品。 Beijing Xinhua Yicui Culture Development & Communication Center , is a comprehensive communication agency dedicated to the management system integration services and cultural media industry and other related business. This exhibition is the main works of the artist Yang Xingya, Yang Xingya, was born in 1946 in Liaoning, Dandong, Japan Chinese artist, painting is China new heritage Marxism founder. His oil painting unique, rich, he uses the western oil painting materials, and traditional Chinese painting style of painting, after years of exploration and repeated practice, established a unique combination of Chinese and Western painting, Chinese painting idea. In addition, he is an international view artist, he with France, Germany, Japan and other countries art institutions long-term cooperation, work by many domestic and foreign collectors, which works "summer" is by the Japanese and Chinese as treasures queen.