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Three Gorges of Chongqing Academy of oil painting is the Chongqing City People's Political Consultative Committee under the art research institutions, private non enterprise, brought together Chen Kezhi, Ma Yiping, Xu Shihu, Zhang Jie, Huang Zuolin, Gu Yue, Liu Dachun and many other well-known oil painter, the Chinese Artists Association, Chinese contemporary famous oil painter Cheng Jiguang Dean of strength to send. Academy of oil painting to "create a platform for artists, national cultural heritage" for the purpose, adhere to the "for artistic creation, cultural service" concept, adhere to the creation, teaching, communication mode of operation of the Trinity, constantly create wealth for the society, talents, energy transfer, Chongqing city is the only professional academy of oil painting. Cheng Jiguang, male, the Han nationality, was born in Chongqing in 1956. China Artists Association member, Chongqing Three Gorges painting school dean, strength in contemporary painting home. Have thorough research to the Western tradition of oil painting art, pay attention to the art of oil painting in China, many excellent works have been in the national, provincial, municipal art exhibition and international painting and calligraphy contest, award-winning. Many works by collectors at home and abroad.