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Beijing Calligrapher's association was founded in 1983, was named the "China Calligrapher Association Beijing branch", is the Beijing municipal Party committee under the leadership of Beijing City, by the calligrapher, seal carving, calligraphy and calligraphy education, calligraphy theory worker organizers voluntary combination of the masses of professional bodies, is the city of Beijing Federation of literary and art circles group membership. In 1988 changed its name to "Beijing City Calligraphers Association" at the second congress in 2003 February, and changed its name to "Beijing calligraphers association". Beijing Calligraphers Association (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Shuxie) since its establishment, adhering to the service for people, the direction of socialism to earnestly implement the policy of letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend the, of quality, talent, the prosperity and development of calligraphy, seal carving art capital, bring up a smashing calligraphy team mission, after the tireless efforts of the ideological construction, theory construction, organization construction, the popularization of calligraphy education, encourage the creation of calligraphy and the older generation of Calligrapher's words and deeds, the emerging of new forces, the overall quality of the members increased significantly, a strong impetus to the revitalization and development of Beijing city of the cause of calligraphy, made due contribution to the capital of the construction of socialist spiritual civilization.