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1. Q: How to get the Beijing Art Expo information?
 Welcome to visit Beijing Art Expo Official
or Please contact reservation hotline: 8610 85718827
2. Q: What is the entrance fee for Beijing Art Expo?
 20RMB for one person (no catalogue);10RMB for students
 Free entry for disabled people
 Free entry for children with height under 1.2 metres
3. Q: When does the Beijing Art Expo start?
 VIP Preview – 9 September
 Public Exhibition –10 September to 12 September  10:00 – 18:00
13 September 10:00 – 17:00
4. Q: Where is the Beijing Art Expo?
 Venue:Beijing  Exhibition Center
 Address: No.135, XiZhiMenWai Street, Beijing, China
5. Q: How to go to the venue?
(一)Subway lines: Take line 4 to DongWuYuan Station and get out from C
                               Take line 2 to DongWuYuan Station and get out from A2
                               Take line 13 to DongWuYuan Station and get out from A2
(二)Bus lines:
XiZhiMenWai Station: 运通104、运通105、运通106 、111、105、7、26、27、31、52、72、334、347、360、362、601、708、714、716、808、811、812、814、902、962、16、16支线
DongWuYuan Station:运通104、运通105、运通106、运通205、102、103、105、107、111、7、15、19、26、27、31、45、52、65、72、87、319、332、334、347、360、634、714、716、808、812、814、902、962、特4 
(1) From Beijing Railway Station (off-peak hours): Total 14 km, about 20 minutes’ taxi, about 35-40 yuan. (Figure come from Baidu Map. The final result is subject to Baidu Map data)
(2) From Beijing West Railway Station (off-peak hours): Total 12 km, about 20 minutes’ taxi, about 30-35 yuan.
(3) From Beijing Capital Airport (off-peak hours): Total 39 km, about 50 minutes’ taxi, about 120-150 yuan. 
6. Q: How to apply for group tickets?
More than ten persons, Please contact reservation hotline: 861085718827
7. Q: Can I buy the artworks?
All the artworks shown by exhibitors at the Fair are for sale(except for specific marked non-sold)
8. Q: Can I take a picture of artworks?
Need the premission
9. Q: . Does the art expo have food and beverage facilities?
At art fair variety of catering facilities, coffee bars and dining area are available, provide Chinese and Western fast food sell-service
10. How about the security?
Security check
No pets
No Smoking
11. Q: How do I get the art exposition catalogue?
You can buy/collect the catalogue at the ticket desk in the entrance of the Beijing Art Expo
 If you want to receive the catalogue by post, please mail to