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"Liu Chunhua Art Fund" is launched



 (The CPC Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Zhang Miao announced the opening of the 2014 Beijing Art Exposition)  

On September 12th, Beijing Art Fair Foundation launched "Liu Chunhua art foundation" in Beijing Art Exposition. Relevant leaders including Zhang Miao,  the Vice Minister of  Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department ,Zhou Maofei , the director from the information office , Liu Kaiyang, deputy secretary of the party committee of the Beijing Association of literary and art, Guan Yu, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Culture Bureau , Liu Chunhua , the former president of the c of Beijing art academy,cGuo Li Shuang, Chairman of the  Beijing culture industry Commerce, Xi xiaoping, general art director of Beijing art exposition, and famouse artists including Wang Tongren, Shi Qi, Wang Tianshen, Ke Tongzhi etc. attended the opening ceremony.


 (This photo is Zhou Maofei, the director of Beijing culture capital office and artist Liu Chunhua unveiled the artwork  "persimmon persimmon as jade" )

In the opening ceremony, Zhou Maofei, the director of the Beijing culture capital made a speech and unveiled  the "persimmon persimmon like jade" which is donated by Liu Chunhua to the Beijing Art  Exposition Fundation , which means the "Liu Chunhua Art Fund" was officially launched.

Liu Chunhua, the former president of the Beijing painting academy, is a national first class artist. His oil painting "Chairman Mao to Anyuan" is well-known and has profound influence.  He is good at figures, landscapes, flowers and birds, his artworks base on real life, has deep connotation, subtle and concise.


In the launch ceremony, Guan Yu, the deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of culture awarded the award certifications to the winners of Liu Chunhua art prize of this Art exposition, including artists from China mainland, Zhang Yuan, Mi Qiaoming, Shi man, Chinese Taiwan artist Zhuo Laicheng, Korean artist Jinzhu lie. Subsequently, artist Liu Chunhua awarded the supportive fund 100,000RMB  to artist Hou Guanbin who received the donnor.


(This photo is the famous artist Liu Chunhua awarded Hou Guanbin who received the supportive fund 100,000 yuan

Liu Chunhua Arts Fund aims to promote and facilitate the development and innovation of contemporary art, it is the first public fund named after the artist's name launched by the Beijing Art Exposition foundation. Liu Chunhua art fund aims to vigorously promote the development of Beijing cultural and creative industry, it will give full play to its recruitment and supporting functions, and will bring the social resources from all the ways to promote the benign development of contemporary painting, and it will build the bridge and link between the contemporary painting and international art institutions, strengthening exchanges and cooperation of foreign cultural, expand the influence of contemporary painting at home and abroad, and create a well-known art fund with international influence,  serve the community of trapped  art scholars and  artistic workers who have devoted to the art research and professional creation.