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Asan  Gallery have been trying multi directional way to develop for korea wave of art we've built personal network with various Art association. Since opening  its  doors in Asan Gallery in 2006, Asan Gallery runs  two branches in Qatar and Dubai, Asan Gallery has always endeavored to explore new grounds that have never previously been looked at by other institutions in Korea, Promoting hybridization and diversity in regionally localized art world through its active interactions with international art world. Through its Artist representing system, the gallery has been to expand out to the global audience by introducing and proclaiming the excellence of Korean contemporary art to the rest of the world. Specially cooperation with UN at 2013, March 2015 M.O.U contract between korea and Qatar as an economic mission ,Asan  Gallery  became the head of Asia art business. The world already start culture war. we are keep on going to be main brand as an leader of art business in the world.