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诺维亚画廊成立于2012年,诺维亚秉承传播美好,收藏财富的经营理念,专注于中高端的当代俄罗斯油画收藏服务,成为连接中国藏家和当代优秀俄罗斯油画艺术的桥梁。俄罗斯油画是世界上最具有文化艺术底蕴的流派之一,无论是意境深幽的自然景色,还是朴素真切的人物肖像,总是能够带给我们一种特殊的亲近和感动。一幅真正的原创油画艺术品是无法复制的,它可以作为家中永久的珍藏,也可以成为家居装潢的亮点。一幅好画可以使您的私人空间清新脱俗,生活更具有艺术情调。中俄文化友好交流的历史源远流长;苏联时期,其绘画艺术对中国的绘画发展就有着深刻的影响。近几年来,俄罗斯绘画艺术品的地位不但在世界范围内被认可,而且在国内其价值也逐渐得到收藏家们的欢迎。 ART NOVIA Gallery was founded in 2012, adhering to spread the wealth of good Angela, business philosophy, focus on high-end contemporary Russian oil painting collection service, become the bridge connecting the Chinese collectors and outstanding contemporary Russian oil painting art. The Russian oil painting is one of the schools with the culture and art heritage of the world, whether it is the artistic conception of the natural scenery, or plain vivid portrait, can always bring us a special closeness and moved. A truly original oil painting art is unable to replicate, it can be used as a home in the permanent collection, also can become the highlight of Home Furnishing decoration. A good painting can make refreshing your private space, life is more artistic atmosphere. A long history of friendly exchanges between China and Russia culture; the Soviet period, painting the development of the painting art on China will have a profound influence. In recent years, Russia's painting art not only recognized the status in the world, and at home and its value has gradually been collectors welcome.