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In 2020 23rd Beijing International Art Exposition
Advertising return
Beijing International Art Fair is annually held in Beijing to a large art exchange activities.
Time: September 10 - 13, 2015
Venue: Beijing exhibition hall
The exhibition after seventeen years of professional build, has become internationally famous brand. Every year attracts famous gallery, art colleges, art institutions in more than 20 countries and regions such as the number of exhibitors, visit the extension of more than 5 people, more than 20000 square meters exhibition area. In order to play the art fair media propaganda advantage, will focus on the promotion of enterprise new product, expand enterprise well knownness and the influence, we specially launch ad return.
The formulation of the exhibition advertising plan:
"The sole sponsor of" courtesy:
Ordinal classification content
An opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the 1 moderator introduced the sponsor sponsor name, person in charge of the enterprise is invited as the exhibition opening ceremony and cut the ribbon at the VIP, accompanying leading stage.
2 exclusive opening ceremony of the podium on both sides of the billboard (2 pieces).
3 exclusive opening ceremony marked LOGO display backplane.
4 exclusive meeting invitations marks and display LOGO.
5 arrange the supreme leadership and the national ministries, the leadership of Beijing city group photo.
Two the exhibition site 1 has the opening ceremony square main backboard (Xm * Xm) advertising rights.
2 enterprise data with the assembly information overall payment.
3 put the enterprise publicity yilabao.
The three Summit Forum summit forum 1 exclusive sponsor.
2 Exclusive Forum back gold advertising.
3 have a forum site display board (2 pieces).
4 enterprises with the release of information information forum.
5 enterprises the highest responsible person speaking for 20 minutes.
Around 6 sign only put enterprise Yi labao.
Four Preview 1 exclusive banquet backplane gold advertising.
2 the person in charge of the enterprise and the leadership of the organizers at the same table.
3 has the scene display card 4.
4 to give the enterprise 10 delegates entered the banquet scene.
Five advertising media 1 exhibition arch in 4, balloon banner 2.
2 huge banners at the door, 2 block, the exhibition hall hanging flag 50 surface.
The 3 square gold position huge publicity body (4m * 6m) 2.
The 4 square floor 6 balloon.
5 LOGO in the exhibition hall named plate placed on the business name and LOGO.
6 pavilions along the main road and Financial Street have the flag poles on 40 sides, 100 sides field flag.
Proceedings of the 7 have advertising.
8 the Lord banners 1.
9 the sponsor's product publicity materials can be accompanied by the Organizing Committee issued data over the same period the issuance.
The 10 official website the best advertising publication time of 3 months and the enterprise website link.
Six media reports the exposition site arrangement of large professional media sponsor.
Seven free booth for more than 100 square meters exhibition hall prominently display field
The exhibition ad.:
1 printing sponsorship
(1) the invitation of sponsorship (sponsorship fee 50000 yuan, specifications for 21x9cm). Returns: more than 30000 copies in the pre sent to the invitation exhibition overseas artists, collectors hands, let you get the most market promotion.
(2) (80000 yuan tickets sponsored sponsorship fee, specifications for 21x9cm). Returns: Tickets except the massive field sales, will also be before the show to electronic tickets in the form of large electronic exhibition at home and abroad to professional distribution, so that more people get the exhibition information.
(3), visit the exhibition certificate (advertising sponsorship fee 50000 yuan, including exhibition certificate, certificate, certificate of the forum guests, press card Pendant). Returns: all of the audience and exhibitors will wear your company information visit certificate & participation certificate, enter the pavilion before the predictable enterprise information, booth number, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, and the certificate is issued, moving around with the holder, is also a good mobile advertising, this is undoubtedly a value investment.
(4) the tour guide (sponsorship fee 30000 yuan). Returns: period of development, the audience will be sent to the hands of the audience to guide for the first time! To reach the scene audience can get an audience guide, facilitate their visit. The contents include: the list of exhibitors, the exhibition floor plan (marked with booth number) and during the exhibition activities introduction. In a plan to publish your company logo is undoubtedly the best way to guide the audience area of your company's booth. In fact, the spectator guide is your company to promote their products and brands to the audience the most effective means of.
(5) (bag advertising sponsorship fee 30000 yuan). Returns: the viewer to use with your company logo bag placed to collect information for publicity, is a mobile advertising the best during the exhibition, publicity and expand your company is the effective means of visibility.
(6) ad (the sponsorship fee 8000 yuan / page). Returns: exhibition catalogue, let you get the most exhibitors information! Exhibition catalogue will be distributed to the exhibitors, audience, the consulate staff, industry associations even those professional buyers not to the scene. Even after the exhibition closed, international buyers can also from the exhibition catalogue in rapid access to useful information, make new connections, seeking the right products, access to quality services. If you choose to advertise in the journal, it is equivalent to create a lasting trade opportunities.
2 outdoor advertising
Returns: flag, flag poles, outdoor exhibition, the exhibitors and the audience did not arrive in known enterprise product and situation, booth number before the exhibition hall, so that enterprises First impressions are strongest, deepen the impression; a large three-dimensional propaganda body (cube), a large three-dimensional propaganda body (pyramid), gas (containing arch arch amplitude), hydrogen balloon (including banners, balloons, ground) direct ads, billboards, has a strong visual impact effect.
3 indoor advertising
Returns: the museum, the museum, the museum main banner banner column posters, lunch / Rest Area banners, bunting, Register office back advertising, venue licensing guidelines, Yi Labao, exhibition hall named board LOGO, these forms of propaganda not only can highlight your corporate image, but also can attract the audience to visit your booth.

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