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“Neo-Realism” Oil Paintings Will Be Exhibited in 16th Beijing Art Exposition
The 16th Beijing Art Exposition which will be held on September in Beijing Exhibition Hall will launch contemporary young artists’ art works exhibition themed as “Neo-Realism”, trying to show present exploratory results of realistic paintings and push Chinese realistic paintings to a new height.

The “Neo-Realism” Exhibition is curated by Professor of Peking University, Peng Feng and will exhibit 17 famous Chinese Contemporary young artists’ art works including Leng Jun, Chao Ge's elaborate art works.

Born in 1963 in Si Chuan, Leng Jun is president of Wu Han Imperial Art Academy, IOA, president of Wu Han Artists Association, Vice-president of Hu Bei Artists Association. He made himself the leading person of Chinese contemporary surrealism paintings by his surrealistic style. His art works combine unique conceive and extraordinary art techniques and are unique in Chinese Art area. The biggest characteristics of his art works are extremely realism.

Chao Ge is awarded representative artist of “Neo-Classicism” and “Psychologist” of Chinese Painting. His art works are full of Time-spirit, deeply revealed people’s inner spiritual self-contradiction and struggle. His scenery pictures are silence while full of poetry, showing the eternity of time and depth of history.

“Neo-Realism” Theme Exhibition launched this time is a concentrate exhibition of recent young realistic artists’ art works. It will not only explore the realistic painting language and form, but also will reflect artists’ appeal. At that time, visitor will have chance to enjoy a feast of realistic paintings.
Name list of “Neo-Realism” Theme Exhibition participated artists: Leng Jun  Wang Shaolun  Li Song  Xu Chenyang  Chen Liu  Lu Liang  Wang Jie  Xiao Jin  Peng Si  Chao Ge  Guo Runwen  Xue Kun  Peng 
                                                                                                                        Hui   Jin  Zhunzhi  Wang Bo  Huang Kang  He Zhenhao