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  “Culture Consumption” -- New Highlight of the 16th Beijing Art Expo

Presented by Beijing Supervision and Administration office of Owned Cultural Assets, the 16th Beijing Art Exposition is scheduled on September 13 to 16, 2013 in Beijing Exhibition Hall. This art expo has been identified as an important activity of the “First Beijing Cultural Consumption Festival”. “Cultural Consumption” will become a new highlight.
     At present, we have received applications from more than 150 galleries and art agencies exhibiting thousands of elaborate art works including Chinese and foreign art works, sculptures, Medias, etc. Contemporary Young Artists’ Art Exhibition which takes “New Realism” as its theme will exhibit “Leng Jun”, “Ai Xuan”, “Liu Xiaodong” and other 10 famous artists’ art works. The second Strait-Cross Art Works Promoting Exhibition will be grandly launched. Art works of “Jin Shangyi”, “Sun Weimin”, “Shi Qi” and so on will be exhibited. “Aesthetic Value and Consumption of Contemporary Art Works Forum” will also be held at that time. The five day art fair is expected to attract thousands of visits, collectors and investors to visit and buy art works.
    It is known that average GDP of Beijing last year is 87091 yuan, among which cultural consumption is 3453 yuan, only 0.4 percent of consumer spending. From which we could see that cultural consumption is in the beginning stage, huge potential still need to dig out. How to notice the trend of culture and turn the rich culture resources into consumption advantage and enlarge cultural consumption, that will be a important task of 2013 Beijing Art Exposition.